Bass Guitar

What I teach on the bass.

I teach electric 4-string bass in many different styles. I have been playing in many different bands covering styles as diverse as hip-hop to traditional jazz and swing.

I can teach across the full range of popular styles (and the not-so-popular too) if you wish.

Whatever your age, or your child’s age I will tailor each lesson to what you want to get from the bass; whether its simply to jam along to your favourite songs or aim for world domination in a band!

I am totally flexible, so if you are an adult with a full-time job or parenting duties, I am quite happy to work with you so that the lessons can fit to suit you.

My Bass Credentials

I have extensive experience as a gigging bassist and continue to play live now. I have played festivals, large arenas, small rooms and orchestral pits.

I have also recorded several albums, and hundreds of songs so I have lots of experience as a session bassist and the demands the studio places on you as a bassist.

My Teaching Credentials

I have taught bass guitar to individuals for over a decade now and have also tutored bands and rehearsal sessions for young people. I have run song-writing workshops for a wide range of people, from youngsters to adults.

I have a thorough knowledge of music theory and will incorporate this into your lesson for no extra charge. Of course if you want specific music theory lessons then I can also teach that, but that will cost the same as instrumental lessons; see the page on prices on this website.