Prices for 2020

My fees for private instrumental teaching are:

30 minutes = £17.50 + £2.50 for travel

45 minutes = £26.25

1 hour =  £35

I find that 30 minutes is enough for those that are beginners or are working on Grades 1 – 5.

For intermediate to advanced students working above Grade 5,  45 minutes to 1 hour is recommended.

You should aim to practice every day. However as this is not always possible, you should aim for no less than 5 times a week (5 times within 7 days).

You simply will not progress quickly, or at all, if you do not practice regularly. It is just like going to the gym – one session to make up for all the other missed sessions will have no benefit on your overall health. Learning to play an instrument is just the same. It isn’t something you can ‘cram’ or where you can do extra the next day because you missed a day.

I provide bespoke practice diary’s to help you stay focused and for parents this can be a good way to stay engaged with your child as they develop their skills on the piano. Knowing how to practice is as important as how much you do, so it is important to start learning how to practice right at the beginning. A practice diary is invaluable in order to help you develop this discipline.

You will have some practice sessions that don’t go so well; don’t despair, weirdly enough these can help you progress and if you move on to the next day you may well be pleasantly surprised at how the next practice goes.

Music Theory at no extra cost!
The same would apply for those needing tuition on Music Theory, although it is much better if these are combined alongside the instrumental tuition.

This can be provided as part of the lesson at no extra cost.

Tutoring Prices

GCSE and A-Level Tutoring would be an hour at £45

Concessions are available for group lessons – this could be where I teach more than one student in one location for example one immediately after another.